editing sERvices


My philosophy:  Academic writing should be


Whether or not English is your first language, I’ll edit your text for clarity and comprehension, focusing on your target audience and the ultimate aim of your manuscript or grant proposal.


A crucial editing task is to remove every word that doesn’t strengthen the text. I’ll ensure that your writing is succinct and meets page limits without sacrificing nuance or relevant details.


Even complex issues, when expressed with attention to elements such as rhythm, strong verbs, and effective transitions, can read smoothly. Readers appreciate and remember effective writing.


I arrive at my estimate by doing a sample edit (at no charge) of two pages of your text. If you’re sending a Word file, I’ll use Track Changes. If you’re sending a PDF, please make sure the text is at least double spaced (since I’ll be working by hand). I charge $100/hour ($115/hour rush) and accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.